Like anyone, I have been strong + I have been weak. I have been tense + I have been fluid. I have been relied upon + i have relied on others. Life is nothing if its not full of Contradictions. This + That. Here or there. In or out.

life comes with its goals + with its challenges, BUT it is how we Deal with them that makes a difference.

And what do I value most? it is my strength. of Body + Mind.

My physical strength because I have persevered when its seemed too hard.  i have built my body + I help others build theirs.

My emotional Strength because I have faced tough odds. I engage my mind to keep my eye on my goals + yours.

using my body + my mind to help my clients utilize theirs, values the limitless possibilities in all of us.

A powerful body + mind, because muscle is beautiful and strong is something to behold, inside + out. 

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