A life lived in the MIX

I woke up this morning (you know, my usual time of 4:30 AM) and I realized, WOW I sort of live 2 lives. I have my private workout clients, my barre classes, my strength training (my beloved kettlebells) and then I have this whole other wonderful world - my husband + son -- my beautiful family + friends. All day I was thinking about these 2 very distinct orbits. Psyching my class up at BodyQuest to do that extra set of deep thigh work, or a private training client to take their workout to the next level at Pinnacle. How different all of that is to helping my son practice his cello or sitting down with my husband to talk about our days.

Then the light bulb moment. Actually, its not 2 different lives. Its one big one. We move through our days, going from task to task, thinking they are all very distinct. But in fact, they are all connected to each other. What we learn from doing or enjoying one thing can be brought to the next. And on it goes - connection upon connection, moving in the mix.