I live a life in movement, so a career in the fitness industry was pretty much a perfect fit for me. In my 20's I was often approached by MY fellow gym-goers to discuss this move or that piece of equipment and I realized, I love helping others learn to BE FIT, to embrace their physical-ness. I dove head first into training + certification courses -- and I LEARNED that in each client there is a uniqueness, but we are also very much the same - and more than anything -- we all rely on each other.


In 2008, I found kettlebells and I now have become known for this dynamic piece of equipment. I find them to be uniquely challenging, requiring exacting strength and deep concentration. I embrace fitness tools, like kettlebells or barre work but I also know that sometimes we need nothing more than our own mind + body to create the very best workout of the day.


As A lover of all things strong + focused, I work deeply to accept each person into my world who comes with a passion to move. The rest, we can train (more on that here), but the desire to move -- that is in one's heart.

I am happy to know you.